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Friday, November 4, 2016

Kikkoman House Party review coming soon!

I was recently chosen by House Party to sponsor a Kikkoman review, giveaway and party! As such, they sent my party pack today. I received a bunch of shirts, an oven mitt, recipe books, and coupons for Kikkoman products. I'm quite thrilled to test this product out when making Thanksgiving dinner this year. Providing my baby is born early enough to allow me to do so...
I will say that I'm disappointed in the shirt sizes. All I have to offer my guests will be Large and Extra Large.
Aside from being pregnant, that's not even my size.
The recipe books have a variety of entrée and side dishes that I'm dying to try out. I just have to go get a turkey... So who else is hungry?! And who thinks a brined turkey in Kikkoman sauce sounds yummy?