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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gooooing to the chapel and I'm gonna get marrrrieed!

Sorry, can't help myself with that title. Unless you remember the oldies song it went to, you probably think I've lost my mind and started writing like the idiot millennial youth of todays day and age. Yeah... no. I might be losing my mind, but I'm not reverting to stupidity with my English skills. I have dignity. They do not.
Anyhow.... moving on....
Normally, a couple decides to get married and THEN have kids. My fiancé and I went outside the box. We got knocked up and then agreed to get married. Neither of us are doing so because I had a baby though. Believe it or not, talk of such had occurred before we learned that 1+1 sometimes does equal 3. (Get the common core reference?) In addition to going about this step in the relationship backwards, we also took another step out of order. There was no ring involved when the question was posed. Heck, it wasn't even a question. More of a, "You know I plan on marrying you, right?"
I sit here laughing at the memory. Let's face it. I don't reside inside the box. I don't follow the crowds. I won't be a white sheep in the herd. I won't even settle to be the black sheep. More like a purple or a red sheep... The point is, I move to my own drumbeat. My decisions may not be what certain people want them to be. Maybe they aren't as well thought out as they should be. But they are my own. And my fiancé certainly rolls along with it. So the question wasn't, "Will you marry me?" Because I already knew that was the plan. I already knew there wasn't a doubt between us that that was the path we were on. There was no other answer than, yes. Followed by, "When are you planning this, by the way?" Because I promise you, I won't be having a shotgun wedding. I won't get married simply because I'm pregnant and its taboo. I won't do a justice of the peace ceremony thrown together in a couple months. My first wedding was in my parents living room and laughable all the way.
No, if I'm getting married again, it will have class. It will be done right. It will live up to the dreams I had of that happily ever after moment. Don't get me wrong, I'm no princess. I won't expect, or want, that Disney wedding fairy tale set up. I have every intention of nerding it up.
Fast forward to me being 9 1/2 months pregnant. We have now decided to start planning a wedding for next June. By then, I won't be pregnant. We will be moved into a better home/neighborhood. And I should be back to a much smaller size so that I can rock an elf-like or medieval style dress. The theme for our wedding? Star Trek marries Star Wars! He's the Trekkie and I'm all for SW. Granted I didn't fall in love with any of the dresses in the Star Wars movies. So that's why I'll be rocking another style. But close enough. I'm also a huge Lord of the Rings fan. It will work perfectly.
This month, we finally found the perfect venue. Its in an area we can enjoy, affordable (considering all that comes with the price and in comparison to others we looked at), fits our estimated guest list, and will add a great deal of class. Not to mention the staff is all for our theme! Vintage Villas in Austin is where we plan to go for our wedding.
I'm totally looking forward to it. And now that I know where, when and time... I can start putting together the more fun aspects of the wedding.
So from here on out, I'll post an update on the plans and things that are happening for the wedding. I'm sure it will be one to remember!


  1. Wow! I understand wanting a nice wedding. Here's my question...if you know your going to do it, why wait? I just don't understand people who wait. A wedding is for those getting married and not so much others who attend. Just my thoughts.

    1. For us, there are a couple things having us wait. For starters, finances. We are doing it when we will have funding for everything. Secondly is our desire to make it our perfect day. Regardless of who is there, we have imagined a day for us that is to our liking. We have put much planning into it. And lastly, there are certain people we want to share that day with. So picking the time that gives them the chance to be there is important to us.

  2. Beautiful place by the way. Glad this wedding will be better than your first.

    1. So am I. The first one was done in a rush. There was no proper planning, or thought, to what we were doing. This one will be my last and I want it to be special.