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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An Artistic review to organize the office desk with!

Shoplet.com has sent me something else of interest to review for your guys. They have some wonderful office supplies, that I love testing out and seeing where or how it will work for me. Organization is key for me, both at home and at work. Especially when it comes to office things. I do side jobs at home from time to time and need my work space to be clear and focused. That's why I love this Artistic Lift-Top Desk Pad.
It has a grip pattern underneath to help keep it in place on my desk. The top lifts up to allow me storage of documents or pictures.
There is a printed protractor and metric ruler in the top corner.
This pad will protect your desk from dust and scratches. It has a washable surface. And a great non-glare surface to reduce reflection.
The lift-top idea is great for reminders. Put an invitation card or to-do list under it and have it in view every time you are at your desk working on projects. Things like this will help keep you on task. More so than loose papers that get tossed into a stack and forgotten until you go searching.
This pad measures 19"x24". Something to keep in mind when you are thinking to pick one up. Shoplet.com is the largest e-tailer of office supplies. You can check out this Artistic lift-top desk pad, here, which runs for $36. Always watch for deals. If memory serves me right, the current promotion is free shipping on orders Shoplet offers such deals often. You can sign up for their newsletter and have them email you with current deals or offers. Look at other Artistic products as well.
Shoplet also provides cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and office furniture. The greatest thing about them? You can shop for all these things from the comfort of your home.
So I'm curious, what is your favorite thing about this product? Would it be useful to you? Leave me a comment below and tell me about it!


  1. Oh. I like this product. My desk is white and used a lot. Looks dingy. I like the idea to keep the desk from getting tore up.