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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Anonymous is taking a stand. Are you?

There are many sides, facets if you will, to the hacktivist group - Anonymous.
There are accusations against them. There are claims of terrorist acts against them. Some of their members have been arrested and charged for some acts they were a part of. Some of which are ridiculous. But I'm proud to say, that I've seen some amazing things come from them. I follow them on YouTube. And I believe that the majority of those in Anonymous are seeking to better the world. They don't picket, riot, or attack citizens. They seek to stand and protect those who might not otherwise be able to. Does it mean that everything they do is legal? No. Will they always be on the right side of the argument? No. But they are a group of humans. Just like you and I. They have values and concerns. The difference between them and me? They have tech savvy skills to use against a common "enemy". They have brought down child porn users, websites and phone lines to giants such as PayPal, Scientology Church, and even the government in Tunisia. They band together to serve a single and greater good when they feel called to. I might not agree with all of it. But I do agree with their latest goal. To remind the citizens, not only of the United States, but also the world, to stand up. And to remind their governments that we put them in power. We also have the power to take them out. It is a reminder that I think most of us need. I'm not saying to draw arms and start blowing up the government-controlled institutions. But show instead that you won't follow blindly, that you will hold to your freedoms.
If you haven't watched their videos, I suggest you do. I don't ask you to believe every word they say. I don't ask you to do what they tell you to. I ask you to think about what you can do. I ask you to look deeper at the people running for president, if you plan on voting at all.
I would greatly love to see one on Trump as they have done one of Hillary Clinton. "You can look at my record." And her records show that she changes to fit who is seeking support from.

May I also point out that there are other people to vote for besides Clinton and Trump, including another woman! Sure, your vote might not count for anything when the vast majority chooses one of the two, but at least you can say you stood up against the crowds. Or maybe you are like me, don't even bother to vote considering that your vote won't be counted at all. Let's be realistic. The Electoral College does the voting in this country. And it is based off who they feel is the most beneficial to them and their supporters. Supposing we could get them to swing towards our thinking? Maybe convince lobbyists what would be in their best interest and have that be towards the people. Just a thought.

Anonymous is calling us to think and rise. Quit being a doormat to your government.

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  1. Well America is a 2 party system so you vote for the 2 major parties. Unless millions change their party or we get rid of the electorial college this is how it works. Yes, our system of government is broken and corrupt. Trump even says so. Bernie got burned because of the double dealings of the Clintons. It sucks but as long as the 18 to young 30ishers keep not caring about government it will not change. And in our 4 year colleges these days they are teaching liberalism. So your either brainwashed to "follow" blindly and do as your told or you let others make the decisions for you. So right now a vote for anyone other than the 2 candidates is a vote for Clinton. Not voting because you hate Trump is a vote for Clinton. Not voting because you don't like Clinton is a vote for Trump. So it goes to the lesser of the 2 evils. Do you like were the country is? No jobs, no affordable medical, no vision? Then vote Clinton or don't vote at all. It will be the same for 4 more years. Personally my family is hurting enough. I can't afford to sit back and not vote because my guy didn't make it.