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Friday, September 9, 2016

Good Games Expo is next Saturday!

Listen up, gamers, game enthusiasts and those who like to just have fun around those that are in the first two categories. ESports has teamed up with EdYOUcation to host the Good Games Expo here in San Antonio at the New Horizons Computer Learning Center off Vance Jackson and 410. 
You can now register to play games such as Hearthstone, League of Legends, Overwatch and Super Smash Bros! Enjoy the tournament and come see the events sponsors. Mark your calendar now as this event is happening next Saturday - on September 17th! Starting at 9 AM and going strong until 11 PM. 

Its not just so that we can get our game on or watch those who are true gamers... though that is quite the fun part! No! EdYOUcation also works hard to connect students to the professional world. Sponsors will be setting up to show students how or what they can be capable of. 
Who is EdYOUcation? EdYOUcation helps students build a professional profile that will get them on the path to success in a career they can love. How does that work? A student expresses their interest and EdYOUcation will connect them with a company as well as help them build a professional profile. This can help students realize dreams or at least know if their dream is what they really want for the long run. They can get a Shadowship, where they can have the chance to visit and observe what their dream job really entails. This approach helps students to pick a profession they will stick with until graduation and after. 
There is a great line up of sponsors so far. Redbull, Blizzard, New Horizons, Twitch, Riot, and Tespa. I'm not at liberty to give much more insight, but I'm bursting with excitement at some of the other possibilities we have lining up. I say "we", because I work at New Horizons as a Classroom Rental Specialist. I've been helping as best I can to get this event set up. As such, I'm urging you guys to keep a watch out for this event. I promise to post more about it as information becomes more publicly available. We want to have everyone in San Antonio interested in this! Follow them on Facebook and share their page!