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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fun preparations

This past weekend was quite enjoyable. I was given the pleasure of a baby shower thrown by my future in-laws.
We played games, ate cute snacks
and I received so many gifts for my baby girl that I had to have help from a friend getting everything home. It was Star Wars themed. We are totally bringing in a new generation of nerds. This one is getting the earliest start. My future mother and grandmother in-law did a wonderfully funny skit about caring for a baby. 
My daughter will come into a family that is genuinely excited to meet her as well as love her dearly. Her bed is now completely ready with all the handmade bedding that was made for her by 3 generations of women.
I couldn't be prouder to bring her home to this. 

My other children had the fun of building Lumiere at a free Lego event at Toys R Us. 
On Sunday, we took the kids to the park to wear off energy and play with friends. 
I'm hoping for another fun weekend to come. 


  1. So were is Bekah's blanket? She was looking for a picture of it and I think her feelings got hurt. She saw the other blanket and thinks hers isn't good enough.