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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Diamond Candles review

I've posted about Diamond Candles before. Well, when I posted about their 50-70% off sale (which is still happening) I went ahead and ordered some of them for Christmas gifts. I grabbed one for myself though to try out the scent and do my own review. I promise its completely by my choice and I was not asked by Diamond Candles to do this, nor was it hosted by them.
Shipping was really quick too. Took only a week to get all my candles. Each one was securely packed to avoid breakage during shipping. Now is the perfect time to order. You can catch the deals, discounts and promos. On top of that, there isn't a huge rush as there will be later in the year when everyone is ordering Christmas gifts at the same time. 
The candle I decided to write my review on was the It's a Girl candle
As soon as you open it, the smell flows into the room. No lighting required! It's a fresh mixture of powder and floral. 
I burned it for about 3+ hours before I got to the ring part.
And it was quite fun pulling it out.

I suggest you wear gloves though so your hands don't get waxed. And definitely give it time to cool before attempting to open the foil packaging. The ring will be in a small baggie wrapped in foil.
Though the wax might still get through the foil. 
The ring also comes with a Diamond Candles reveal, which mine showed being worth $10. 

Diamond Candles has many options to choose from and you can do advanced searches. So one reader asked if they had floral scents. They do! Just click on the Floral option off to the left of the screen to see those options. 
Sign up to receive their emails and you can be updated with every new sale or promotion they have going on. Now is a good time to watch those sales if you plan on getting them to give as gifts! Right now, their Labor Day sale is still active with BOGO free. Just use the code BOGO16 at checkout. 


  1. They are expensive. Do you feel it is a good value? Also the BOGO is not on the LUXE candles.

    1. They are expensive. Its not something I'd buy often and would most likely be for gifts. That's why catching the sales and free shipping deals is best. But you have to take into consideration that this is the pricing that most of these companies go by. Plus it comes with jewelry. So it does feel like a good value. Oh, thanks for pointing that out!