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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back to School clearance for charity

My fiances sister is a new teacher who could always use school supplies. So lately, I've been checking the clearance aisles to see if there is anything I could pick up for her. Not to mention, anything useful that I could set aside for my kids school needs next year. But now I have another reason to get marked down supplies. Samaritan's Purse and Operation Christmas Child.
I did this once or twice when I was kid. We filled a shoe box with little toys and school supplies and donated them to Samaritan's Purse. The boxes were wrapped and sent overseas to children who were less fortunate than we. They were also given hope and love and the Word of God. So much from a shoe box. I have decided to do the same with my kids. At least once, I want them to think about someone else. To think about what they want to share with a child somewhere else in the world. I picked up 3 boxes from Family Christian Bookstore at the Forum. Now days, you can get pre-cut boxes that you fold into the shape of shoe boxes. They already come in Christmas red and green, with the Operation Christmas Child logo on them.
You also get a pamphlet of things that are acceptable to be sent. And on the back, there is a label to attach to the box you fill. You can choose to host a box for a boy or girl and choose the age group you want; 2-4, 5-9, 10-14.
If you are looking to join in, go to
samaritanspurse.org/occ for locations on where to pick up and drop off the boxes. National collection week is November 14-21. 
My kids were super excited about it. I already had a few things around the house to drop in their boxes. Pages of stickers, pencils, pens, extra pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, and a couple little toys that were new. I ran the kids to Target to look around as we didn't have the "wow" toy as its called. There should be a main toy item that catches the child's attention as they open the box. Sadly, I didn't find any at Target this time to pick up. But in the back to school clearance, I found things had been marked down to 70% off. Glue stick packs had stickers saying .25, but the scanner said .15 each. 9 pack Paper Mate InkJoy pens were half off their original prices of $1.49, so I grabbed a couple for .74 each. Everyone knows that pens have a bad habit of walking away. 
My oldest son did pick up some Hot Wheels cars for his box. And here's a hint - the .99 single packs are cheaper than getting the $4.99 5 pack... by .04, but still. I thought buying bulk was supposed to be cheaper. 
I picked up a Minecraft backpack to put aside for next year. With how my kids are, I know it just might come in handy. If not, I'll keep it stored away for when I need it. Normally $29.99, it was only $8.98. 
I also found a dragon kite for $2.08, normally $6.99. 
We took a few minutes to check out the costumes in the Halloween section.
My children love to dress up and play pretend as their favorite characters. 
On our way to check out, we looked at party supplies. Some of the Star Wars, Disney princess, and Frozen themed items were 30-50% off. 
They also had these in the party favor section that would be great for the boxes. 
They could also be used as stocking stuffers for Christmas. So keep your eyes open and be open-minded to the possibilities! 


  1. Also a great resource for classrooms are Dollar Tree. They have everything.

    1. That will be our next stop this weekend.