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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Still preparing for Christmas

It seems far away, but September starts tomorrow. Christmas may as well be next week. I've been mailing gifts to my family in Florida. A couple of my siblings are getting gifts that are geared towards fun in the summer. Everywhere you look, you might catch remnants of summer items being clearanced. I found these kites half off in Toys R Us. 
They had pool toys, swim gear, and bubbles as well. At least a couple aisles. I also found some micro kites in Half Price Books. Stock up now and be ready for summer! Or get creative and remind kids that the cold won't be here forever. Especially with as many toys they will get that will be broken by the time New Year's Day comes around. 
They also have backpacks and lunch bags on clearance. We picked up one for my girl at $5. 


  1. And in the South it is summer longer than anywere else in the US.

    1. This is true. So you have more time to enjoy the fun!