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Sunday, August 7, 2016

PosterMyWall promotion

I love posters. Whether making them or buying them, I love showing off my interests to those who visit my home. Recently US Family Guide sent out the invitation to share and possibly review a great looking company that offers you the ability to create and make your own posters. *squeals* The ideas are endless with this one! If you need to make a fundrasier poster, team encouragement poster, something *ahem nerdy* for your walls or just want to get the word out about something, this is a perfect way to do so! I like it because it cuts down the mess of making my own. Plus they have templates for those, like me, that aren't as good with creativity in the hands-on realm. My stick figures and lopsided faces are more like Picasso than reality. Hardly the type of things I want to share with the world. PosterMyWall is the perfect place to go to save money but get the posters you need and want. I love that its free to use and create. 


  1. These make very good Christmas gifts. And although it is only August, it will be here quick!!

    1. This is true! Plus it helps when you are spacing out the gift buying and have a lot to buy for.