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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fun day at the bookstore

Being a lover of books, Half Price Books is a place I love going to. Even better, is that I'm raising three mini book lovers as well. We are a family of nerds! And they make me proud with their outgoing attitudes. Today, they all wanted to dress up. 
No prompting on my part. They asked if they could wear their costumes and quickly got into them when I gave my approval. We went to trade in books and scoured the clearance racks. I picked up a book for each of them, one for myself, and a handful of mini kites. Everything except my book was $1 each! 
The kites, I plan to hold on to for park adventures.
A couple of them I will be putting in gift bags with other fun things for Christmas gifts to some kids on my list that are difficult to buy for. A sort of fun pack. 
Now if I can just remember to bring their summer reading pages in next time I go....


  1. I like letting kids dress up when they go out. Your kids have personality! Love it. Dollar books sounds like a good deal.

    1. So do I! And dollar deals are always amazing.