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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gift ideas come from the emails I get...

It seems like deals and steals are popping up everywhere right now. From my emails I'm seeing sales and promo codes coming in. Which is perfect. I'm in need of gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays for the rest of the year. And since I'm having to watch the spending, it helps to catch those deals. Today I checked out Bath and Body Works. There was an email with the code "FAVES4DAYS". I decided to see what other promotions they have on their website and if I would be able to combine this 20% off code with clearance shopping. Amazingly enough, it worked! Look what I was able to do.
I know several ladies that love Bath and Body Works and who keep it on hand. These will make great gifts! There are other things that are marked down or on sale. Buy 3 Get 3 on the Signature Collections is just one. 5 Pocketback for $6 is another. Get shopping while the deals are hot and save your money later when everyone is raising the prices.

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