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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The joys of pregnancy

There's nothing quite like being pregnant. Every single one is different. Every woman goes through it differently. For me... its miserable for the most part. This one will definitely be my last baby. Gonna have a little chat with my midwife about getting clipped once this bundle makes its appearance. And a warning, I don't know what it is yet, but I'm calling it a "she" as that is what I'm feeling and hoping for. I have 2 boys and a girl. I prefer even numbers. Just can't deal with those odd ones. So if I refer to the baby as "she" or "her", you know why.

Anyhow. My back has been a huge problem. I'm seeing a chiropractor in the hopes of limiting my pain and surviving the remainder of months I have left. I believe I'm right around 16 weeks now. Getting close to that halfway point. Cleaning and cooking are limited and done in bursts that leave me on ice packs or heating pads. But I'm getting through it. Mostly during my weekends. One trash bag of clutter at a time. I'm also arranging my closet and bedroom for the baby addition. I need a place for a crib and for her things. I also have boxes of diapers and wipes to store for her already thanks to generous future in laws 8-) These things take priority.

But there are other things that I have to consider. What comes with a newborn? Exhaustion. Not wanting to cook dinner every night. Especially after working all day. So I came up with a plan. And last night I started the first bout of prepping.
I cooked tacos for dinner, but I also made a casserole to freeze for later. It might not stay in the freezer until the baby gets here, but it will help on nights I'm too tired or didn't remember to pull out meat for the following days dinner.
Tonight when I get home, I plan to cook two of my chicken casseroles. One to eat, one to freeze. And this is how I'm getting ready for those long nights and tired days when I just can't stand up to the challenge of cooking. I've been scouring Pinterest for recipes of meals that can be frozen. So many easy ones that I have decided are going to keep me on track. One meal at a time...
While I was at it, I even made some quick grab lunches to bring to work. Like these stuffed cheesy bell peppers.
My goal is to keep doing this as often as possible so I'm ready for the little bundle and can spend more time with her. Do you think its weird to have freezable dishes and baking pans on the baby registry?


  1. Being prepared is never crazy. 4 babies to take care of and working full time, I think having freezer food ready to go makes sense, as well as getting dad involved in helping out. After all family is a joint venture.

    1. He has been a great help to me and the other 3. Its been crazy cleaning out the clutter every day after work and on the weekends, but we are making space for all the baby stuff that will be coming in. He's even been cooking dinner. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It certainly is. And I hope to get more done little by little.