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Monday, June 27, 2016

Kangeaux Walkabout review via US Family Guide

As a member of the US Family Guide, I get to try out products and tell you what they can possibly offer you. I especially love things that benefit mothers and adventurers. Which if you think about it, Moms are adventurers – aren’t we? Forever on the go, we need assistance for whatever comes our way. That’s what the Kangeaux Walkabout is for.
Go hands-free while enjoying the outdoors, traveling, during sports or fitness, or if you are like me and just have a busy lifestyle.

I had barely opened it up and I noticed several things that I like about this.

1.       It is made here in the USA. I know that things are crazy here in the US and I have been considering moving to another country lately… BUT I’m a firm believer in supporting companies here in the states and promoting growth of those businesses to provide more jobs.

2.       The materials used in the manufacturing of the Walkabout are sturdy and I feel confident that things won’t slip or break while I’m using them. This is very important to me. I can’t lose my keys or phone. Or my knife if that is in the group of items I’m strapping in. Those are what I consider most important. Even more so than my wallet at times…

3.       I love the storage case they come in. When things aren’t in use, I want to be able to put them in a case and keep them in top shape. Everyone knows, or should know, that if you want something to last for a long time – you have to care for it. Plus, I can keep all the parts of it together.

4.       The grip is comfortable and strong. I put my phone and keys on to test its hold and even while jerking it around, it didn’t loosen its hold on my stuff.
The size is adjustable to hold a variety things. It has a carabiner clip or you can wrap the cord around something like a stroller handle.
I love the versatility. Having options keeps me on track no matter what I’m carrying or doing.

I plan on using this for other outings to come. We are planning to go to 6 Flags next month with my boys (who won tickets for the reading challenge at school!), 4th of July at the park, San Japan comic convention... I can hang my phone and keys or water bottle and stay hands free to enjoy the fun! I also think it would be helpful when I'm riding the motorcycle.  In addition to this camo colored one, I received the blue one. The blue is definitely my favorite! Can't wait to get out more often and put this wonderful device to use. What do you think about it?


  1. Cool idea. Nothing falls out if it flips upside down? What do the costs range?

    1. I haven't had any issues with mine. They are made with scuba divers and swimming in mind. They are $19.99.

  2. How does a water bottle hang from it. We often hike at the different places we visit and would rather be hands free bringing along the water bottle.

    1. The same way the phone was wrapped in. There is a side that grips it and holds it steady. I'll bring mine over to show you :)