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Monday, May 9, 2016

Why should the Star Wars fun end on Star Wars Day?

I’m a huge Star Wars fan.
And as another fan said, Star Wars Day shouldn’t just end… it should be a whole month of fun! Personally, I think the original trilogy is the best, but the others have their moments. The Force Awakens was a great continuation. I look forward to seeing how it progresses. As a fan, I love to cosplay and attend events. I collect movie posters, of which I have 2 sets – one normal title poster and one in Lego style. If I had the money, I’d probably collect other things that came from the movies themselves. I mean can you imagine? It would be like owning a piece of history. There is a website you can check out if you are interested in participating in an auction of such movie relics. They have a designated spot for all the Star Wars pieces. And yes, they are from the movie making itself. I had Ryan reach out to me from Invaluable.com to share some information about what they do. I did some looking around of my own as well and loved some of the things I saw on there. They have movie memorabilia and props added to their site almost daily. This includes the Star Wars section. I'm amazed that anyone would let go of their props and memorabilia from the movies. Like the Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet, Darth Vader helmet... someone even had cameras that were used for the filming! I'd have to be pretty hard up for money to let go of the Vader helmet.... However, the new owner lucked out tremendously!
I'm curious as to whatever happened to the Jedi robes. I know they seem plain and maybe no one else cares. But I think they were awesome.

This is how it works…In regards to Invaluable and how we work: people have their own auction houses that they sell their products on. We are merely a platform for them to do so! You can also join any auction house if you personally have something to sell! How cool is that?!”
Pretty cool, to me!
They have collectibles that you can browse. As well as movie memorabilia. The Star Wars section has quite a bit of great things for your perusal. I checked out their blog to see what they have sold in the past. I loved the Han Solo blaster.
What would you want to own? A movie prop? Which movie would you say was the best? What scene is the most memorable? Talk to me about it in the comments! And check out these fantastic auctions. Even if all you can do is dream about them...