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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is upon us. If you haven’t gotten your Mom a special gift still, you need to get on the ball. I ordered my mom a special gift. She can be so difficult to buy for. She doesn’t need jewelry. And she prefers picking out her own. She doesn’t need sweets. As a matter of fact, she is always talking about dieting or losing weight. Flowers are a waste of her time. They look pretty for a couple days, and then she has a mess to clean up. Live plants… yeah she has a tendency to kill those. My dad is the one with the ability to bring them back to life as long as she doesn’t mess with them. House decorations and furniture are her passion to pursue. I dare not step in and offer something as her style is something I wouldn’t know how to match. Aside from loving milk glass, I can’t think of anything else I could offer. And even then, she has so much of it all over the place… I’m not sure she would have room for more.

I thought about ordering her meals that would be delivered. She does have 8 kids still living at home to feed. But what would they all like? I’d send her a nanny so she can take the night off… but let’s face it. She always tells me how she doesn’t know what to do with herself when the kids aren’t around. According to some people, that’s a recipe for her baby machine to kick on.
So I sent her something that I know she uses. I can’t tell you on here, because she reads my blog posts. But if she likes it, I’ll hopefully share about it.

I love my mother. She’s been an important part of my life. Always there when I need her. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but we are still there for each other.
Take a moment to thank your mother and tell her how much you love her. She won’t be around forever. And not just your mom. Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters, and those special women that have been an influence in your life need to be reminded of how much you care.

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