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Friday, April 15, 2016

Being Happy with your Choices

I’ve been reflecting on the choices I make daily, weekly, monthly and in general. How can I do better? How can I be more efficient? How can I improve my situations in life? And something was put into perspective by a conversation I had with a fellow employee of the company I work for.

Every week, the employees of 22 centers connected by the same franchise gather up for a Lync meeting. Some just listen and watch, some are able to be on the webcam, and all are expected to share in the triumphs and news of everyone else. At the location I’m employed in, we like to shake up these meetings. The Vice President of Sales is my manager. He’s also quite the prankster. My supervisor is also a prankster. Between the two of them, we bring laughter and silliness to these once-a-week meetings. This past Thursday was no different. We all put on red clown noses and when the camera panned to us for our reports, there was stunned silence followed by laughter.
After the meeting, I was on Lync with another employee who had missed this week’s huddle. She told me how thankful she was for our shenanigans. Why? Simply because it brightened her long day and brought the end of the week closer to a close with a smile. Not everyone will see it that way. But so many will still laugh or even smile at our antics. And that is all that matters. Laughter is the best medicine. And in the sales business… you need that release from time to time.
While talking with her, I made the comment that you are only truly successful when you are happy. Give that a thought. Money and power won’t truly bring lasting happiness. But being happy with the choices you make, will. If you are happy with your job, enjoy what you do, like the people you work with – you will work harder and be more productive. Being more productive can lead to higher success rates. And for some people, that means that the paycheck will be better as well. I know that I feel more willing to put in additional effort because of how much I enjoy my job.

There are other choices that I have to weigh my happiness with these days. I’m moving this weekend. While I’m wary, I’m trying to imagine all the ways it will be better. Certain health issues are making an appearance. Health is one of those things I like to avoid thinking about. Mine isn’t the greatest, no matter how hard I try. But I try to find happiness in the fact that it can always be worse.
So what about you? Can you look at your life today and see joy-inducing pieces spread over every aspect? Are you happy with the choices you have and are making? If not… maybe it is time to look for a change.

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