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Monday, April 25, 2016

Acme Westcott scissor review via Shoplet.com

Time for another Shoplet.com review! I love their great selection for office supplies. They are the number one e-tailer for all your office needs. This time, I’m showcasing a pair Acme Westcott Carbo TitaniumStraight Scissors.
I’ve had scissors of all sorts around the hours before. But I have never owned anything as serious as these bad boys. I can cut through cardboard and plastic! These things are super comfortable in my grip. The blades are titanium-bonded which makes them stronger than steel and they should stay sharper longer. I also appreciate the pointed tip which helps keep your cuts precise.
When thinking about uses for these scissors, my first instinct would be for crafting. I mean… they can cut through wire and cardboard… thin plastic… It almost seems a shame to use them on just regular paper. But I know if I did, it would be just as smooth a cut. They are actually listed as a crafting and rec room product though.

The only con I really have for these would be the price. $24.81 a piece seems steep. Granted, I don’t buy high end scissors so I could be off and these could be a steal!

What would you use these for? I'm thinking these might even work in a bug out bag...

Shoplet has other things for your home or office needs. Such as cleaning supplies, other Westcott products, medical supplies and office furniture. So be sure and check them out.


  1. For crafters I think the price isn't the highest but yes, I can't afford to pay that much for scissors.