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Friday, March 4, 2016

Zootopia movie review

February 23, 2016
Tonight I had the pleasure of watching the prescreening for the new Disney movie, Zootopia.
I'm going to write the review for it while its fresh in my memory even though I can't share it with you until it is released in theaters on March 4th.
 It starts with a young bunny who has a big dream. She wants to do what no other bunny has done before. She wants to be a cop. So much opposition faces her in her pursuit of wanting to make the world a better place. But she doesn't know how to give up! This movie follows her efforts to rise to the top and live out her dream. Her struggles, her enthusiasm, and the constant push she puts on herself to achieve her goals despite the negativism that she faces. Judy Hops becomes what she always dreams, a bunny cop! But the bigger officers think she is some token bunny and laugh at her efforts. They think that the only reason she got her job was because the Mayor accepted her graduation in an effort to show that "little" mammals can do big jobs and gain their votes in the process. She becomes a meter maid until she stumbles into the lap of a big case on missing predators. Zootopia is where predators and prey can live in peace together. From the Rain Forest to the Sahara and the Tundra! Every type of animal has a place and everyone gets along.
Well, almost... You still have your sly foxes like Nick Wilde. Working the hustle and getting away from the law. He catches the careful eye of Hops and they partner up in the search for the missing predator. They make quite the pair.
As the plot thickens and things hit the fan, Hops learns a thing or two about fear and how it affects the world around here. She also learned a valuable lesson about watching how she words things and causing public scares.

Overall, the movie was great! There is humor and action to keep you laughing as you try to figure out the who-done-what of it all. One of my favorite parts was meeting Flash the sloth at the DMV.
Ever wonder why it takes forever to get through the DMV? Or why you stand there waiting and right when you give up holding that perfect smile for your picture, it flashes! So you get that awful look that you are stuck with for the rest of your life on your license. Its because they hire sloths there!!! Dash is the fastest one. And you have probably seen that preview of the pregnant camel joke, right? You know that look you get from people who are slow to pick up a joke? That look that goes from "huh?" to ooooohhhh I get it, hahah!
Its priceless, right? Well, more so when Flash makes it. And spoiler alert: Flash drives fast! Thus the name....
The voices used were a great match. Shakira is the Gazelle pop star. Ginnifer Goodwin is Judy Hopps. Jason Bateman is the sly voice for Nick Wilde. I like Nate Torrence who is Clawhouser, the lovable, donut-eating front desk officer and cheetah!

Great family movie! Can't wait to add this to my collection for my kids. And to watch it over again.

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