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Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie review

This past weekend I was able to go see the Batman vs Superman movie. I was a little apprehensive about it, but it wasn’t a total loss. ***Spoiler alert***

Batman is getting older. Superman is still that child-like looking guy. But the world isn’t thrilled with either of them. Someone is setting them up to be the enemies of the world while also pitting them against each other. If your heroes are battling each other, who is battling the real bad guys? So let’s break down the inner workings of the movie, shall we?
Batman is taking things to the next level with criminal branding. If he catches and interrogates you, he will brand you with the bat sign. So here’s a question… why is the bat signal sign getting fatter? It is no longer that sleek symbol in the sky.  He is also getting obsessed with destroying Superman. He is starting to see him as a threat to humanity instead of seeking to work with him.

Superman is making it way too obvious that Lois Lane is the love of his life. Anything happens to her, he’s there in an instant. Way to go dude. Gotta save that loser who has knack for getting into trouble every single time, don’t you? Now your enemies know how to get at you. This is just made no sense to a critical thinking, analytical mind.
What else? Oh yeah, how about all those “dreams” that Batman has. Talk about confusing. I get having flashbacks. They build on his character and explain his inner battles with his past demons. But all throughout this movie… I was confused as to what was really happening and what was just in his delusional dreams. And who the heck was the guy warning him in one of those dreams about Lois Lane being Superman’s love interest?! And who does Superman think he is condemning Batman when his own actions get people hurt? He is so focused on Lois that he doesn’t always see the bigger issues.

Lex Luthor is the mastermind criminal in this movie. He is determined to pit the great bat against the man of steel. He wants to destroy one or both by having them fight to the death. I’m not sure what his fascination was with battling “God”. Clearly his daddy issues are overwhelming. And I must admit, the actor playing the part (Jesse Eisenburg) did a fantastic job at pulling off the crazy personality. His team of underhanded scoundrels find enough kryptonium to destroy the indestructible Superman. He baits Batman to stoke the burning embers against Superman and then provides him with the tools needed for his victory. But of course, someone steps in and reminds the great Batman that they need to work together. Why? They both had mothers named Martha. Yep, that’s the simple explanation of why Batman didn’t fully kill Superman when he had the chance.
I did like the Wonder Woman they introduced. She’s a butt-kicking, mystery-enshrouded woman who has lived over a hundred years. Bruce Wayne meets her and decides to recruit her help in finding Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. I look forward to seeing those characters coming around in the next movie. But if they make it so that Aquaman can’t breathe under water (which is how it looked in the introduction clip in the movie), then he’s a waste of time. He’s part fish for crying out loud! What fish man doesn’t breathe under water?! This one was clearly holding his breath while attacking the exploration team videotaping him.
Overall, the movie had great graphics. It was a thrilling sight to watch. But if you are analytical, you will find inconsistencies that make no sense. Things happen for no reason than to show a character as wasting time and effort. There are also moments where you wonder, what were they thinking when they made that scene… Like why is Lois throwing the kryptonium spear into a pool of clear water in the abandoned warehouse? Why is there is a clear pool in this warehouse? With stairs leading down into it?? Why is there lighting in that pool? It should be pitch black as it is ABANDONED! They don’t have power in that one location only… Why, people?!
Let me know if you have seen it in the comments section below. And tell me your thoughts.
Did any of you visit the Alamo Drafthouse?
With my ticket, I got the special pint glasses that had the comic artwork.


  1. Wow! Sounds like Bekah wrote this piece. Haha. I couldn't see it because of those reasons and yet it made 150 million at opening.