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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Never underestimate yourself

I can't tell you how many times I'm reminded of this. Of my own self worth and the value I can offer to others. How many times have I felt worthless? That I didn't have what it takes to make it in the world? Especially in the corporate sales world. It is brutal out there. And no one is looking to be your friend. They are looking to build themselves up. To keep climbing that ladder to the big bucks and fancy living. Or so I've always thought until now.
I've met so many people in my career paths. People from all walks in life that are genuine. People who are looking to improve not only themselves, but others as well. These people give freely of their time, their knowledge, and sometimes their resources to bring better life to those they meet. What is better life? Its being happy. Its doing the things you love. Its being healthy. And some people are naturally good at helping others achieve these things. I'm happy to say I have met so many of them. My godmother, my boss and his wife, a colleague in the business world... the list could go on.
What is one thing these people remind me of? Don't underestimate yourself. Why? Because I am my biggest critic. I put myself down. I tell myself that I can't make it. And I need to be reminded that I can. We can do whatever we set our mind to. We can push ourselves to achieve anything we want. We might need that reminder, that kick in the pants, to get us up when we start to fall. But we can keep at it and we will succeed. My supervisor has a quote hanging at her desk that reminds me daily of what I need to tell myself in order to succeed at work; "Whether you think you can, or you can't, you're right." (Henry Ford)
I'm going to make a conscious effort to live by this saying. I'm going to tell myself that I can. I'm going to make it in sales. I'm going to be the woman, the mother, the daughter, the girlfriend that I want to be. I'm not going to stop until I reach my goals. And even then, I'm going to keep making new goals. Because life doesn't stop after attaining the house, financial freedom, dream living... It just begins in a new chapter with a new dream.


  1. You look really good in red. Just remind yourself that you are worth it. If women in America would realize this then they wouldn't run around with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Then beg the gov. for meds when then get diseases. Also they wouldn't feel they have to have a man in their live to complete them. They could take their time and search for the "one" that is right. Also with jobs. We would do better because we would feel we can do ALL things.

    1. Thank you. Its one of my favorite colors to wear. I agree. Women put themselves down or let others put them down and then feel worthless. They let others run them down and use them.

    2. Back to Target? LOL!!! you look great on you :)

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    1. Thank you! I surely will do my best. :)
      So glad to see you on here!