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Friday, February 12, 2016

Finish what you have in front of you before you move on

I’ve mentioned my Nana quite often. She has been a great influence in my life. She is someone I use as a role model in many aspects of how I live. Her life has been a very interesting one to say the least. From her childhood during the Depression, her travels around the world, her relationships, and even her personal growth, I have pulled stories, information, and dear memories that I treasure above diamonds. She lived with us briefly in Florida. And one thing she found herself repeating to me was, “Don’t move on until you finish what is in front of you.” I can be quite scattered in my daily activities. I used to make lists to get things done according to priority. For some crazy reason I moved away from that. I have my lists still, but now they are jumbled in my head. What I need to do, what’s for dinner, what bill needed to get paid, where are the kids at? It’s one continuous line of thought that makes me feel as though I’m a tiny sailboat facing the great tsunami. I start falling behind on projects. Sure the bills keep getting paid, but those letters sit unanswered. I forget that phone call I was supposed to make. I don’t set up that appointment. The toys find their way off the floors instead. The kids have lunches for school but its 10 PM and I’m feeling behind in so many ways.

Why? I don’t finish what is before me. I start one thing and jump to another in the middle of that first task. I might be bringing a load of laundry down the stairs to the washer when I see a bunch of toys on the floor. What do I do? I yell to the kids to pick them up and then set the laundry down to start picking them up myself! After all, I tell myself, want something done right – do it yourself! But I can’t do everything. And I definitely can’t do it all at once.
I need to prioritize. I need to have my list clearly outlined before me. I need to set goals. And I need to meet those goals regularly. Does this mean that I won’t be tempted to be sidetracked? No! But I need to be strong in resisting that urge. I need to finish what I have in front of me before I move on. And I need to see it through to completion before I move on. So I need to put that laundry into the washer, start it, and then take that empty basket back upstairs. Then and only then can I come back downstairs and make sure that instead of me picking up those toys, that my children are doing it. When I tell them to do something and threaten with punishment…. I need to actually carry through with it. But that’s another issue I have to work on.

So this year, one of my biggest goals will be to lock down my chaotic reactions. I will see my list through from start to finish. I might not finish everything in the day that I made that list, but I will give it my all. One task at a time.


  1. I was so overwhelmed and stressed over millions of things and i couldnt handle everything:(

    1. You can't handle it all. Its not how we are supposed to live.

  2. Your right. Can't do it all. I find myself in that fix quite a bit. Plus with kids you have to teach them to take care of themselves. If we do it all for them, they will never learn.

    1. That's where parenting skills are put to the test for me.