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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Avery Label review via Shoplet.com

I love Shoplet.com! They have so many wonderful things to choose from when stocking your home or business office. They are the number one e-tailer for office and business supplies.  This is great in the sense that you can do all your one-stop-shopping at once, saving you time and energy. I know searching for the cheapest deals is great, but sometimes I just don’t have the time. And driving from place to place isn’t saving me money when I’m using so much gas. So I like having multiple options of all my must haves in one central location. There is also the added bonus of catching deals like free shipping or discounts randomly when you need it!

Being a brand ambassador with Shoplet lets me have the chance to try out many types of office products they offer and then pass the word on to you, my readers, to give you a trusted first-hand account. Word of mouth is typically one of the best ways to know if a product is worth my time and money. I hope that my review of the following product is helpful in the same way to you!
Shoplet sent me these cool labels. I can’t tell you how much I love labels. Easy to use, read and organize everything I have with a simple label. This year, I’ve been working so hard to clear out unnecessary clutter in my home and life. Things that I don’t use or need are getting tossed, donated and sold. The things I do use, I’m organizing. Everything is going in a box or place where I can find it when I need it. Especially after my move…

I love Avery labels. They have templates you can use on the website. Each product has a corresponding number that you can put in the search that allows you the perfect dimensions to create your labels. There is no guesswork needed. No measuring. Everything is set up and ready to go. You just need to have your wording in mind to get started. These in particular are the Avery Easy Align Self-Laminating ID labels.
The patent-pending Easy Align labels are supposed to laminate themselves so that they last longer. You print the label and seal it with a clear laminate film.
They are also UV resistant and water resistant. So you can wipe them off and they won't fade as quickly in the sun. 
Shoplet.com offers more than just Avery products. They also have cleaning supplies, office furniture and medical supplies.
What sort of uses would you have for a product such as this? Tell me about it in the comments section! And I might just hold a giveaway for a 250 count pack of these if I get enough requests for them...  Possibly even throw in some pens from Pilot. Yes, I'm testing to see who actually reads this to the end instead of looking at the pictures!


  1. Looks easy enough. We could use the for our Sea Cadet unit. Put our contact info to put on our flyers.