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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Time is speeding by!

Here we are at the end of January already. This new year is a speeding bullet, so grab your hat and throw your hands up in the air with me as we scream, Wheeeee! Let's enjoy the ride! I'm falling behind in so much. But let's be fair... My life has been a crazy turn of events in the past couple months. Just keep with me a little longer and I'll catch up. 
Last year, the Target Christmas section had the Lego Friends polybags for stocking stuffers. I found them on clearance after Christmas for 70% off, making them a lovely shade of .40 a piece! My ex husband gave me his card and wanted 100 of them. A friend of mine, had me pick up 200 for his Lego party hosting store. Shoulda seen the cashiers face... But it was fun!  
The Valentines section this year has some bags too. Guess who is raiding the clearance section after Valentine's Day?!?
Then I had picked up the Ninja gingerbread cookie cutters on clearance for a couple bucks. I thought I'd use them to make sugar cookie ninjas... Those turned out to be some pudgy blob-like ninjas instead. Or as my boyfriend commented "American Ninja". 
One of my most recent endeavors includes trying to prepare for my soon-to-be 6 years old birthday party. He seems to love firetrucks and has mentioned wanting to be a fireman when he grows up. So I contacted the local fire department and they are being gracious enough to allow some of the crew to bring a truck by for the party! Now if I can only get some kids to show up to the party... 
Another project I have for today and tomorrow will be to make a cake that I saw in the new recipe book a friend gave me. 
I love when my friends get me. She has this awesome motherboard cake that I want to make for the boyfriend and the friend who gave me the book. Especially for when we go to the PAX gaming convention on Saturday. I'll let you know how both turn out! 
I had an early birthday night with my boyfriend. He bought me the Legend of Zelda version of Monopoly and made me a chocolate cake with strawberries. It was a fantastic night! 
Plenty more fun to come. I'll keep writing and posting. After PAX, I switch jobs, I move, maybe even take a vacation to Florida? Time is speeding by, but I'll be darned if I don't try to enjoy it. 


  1. Pull a fire truck up in the neighborhood and kids tend to show up. I'm glad he will see it. Mine went on a fire truck station tour (we have a fire fighter friend), they loved it.

    1. Well, it is on Super Bowl Sunday. Fortunately, the sitters kids will be here at least.

  2. Hope to see you before too long! Make sure you taje a vacation to Florida this year and see your ex lil bf! Lol!!! He still talks to you when he sees the picture of you on facebook ☺