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Monday, October 5, 2015

Time to tailgate!

Football season is in full swing now. Tailgating has begun. But we don't want to start packing on those pounds with the snackage. So here's some great snack ideas to keep you on the right path as you cheer on your favorite teams. 
My family has always been a fan of Mediterranean Snacks. Especially their new Bean Stalks. Add hummus or a fat free dip!

Peanut butter and crackers is another one we love. Its easy and doesn't require refrigeration. 
Even better is that you can add in other flavors by melting a little chocolate or white chocolate morsels to sweeten the taste just a touch. 

Nuts.com inspired me to post about my favorite snacks that were healthy and light.
But they also shared some of their great suggestions. So check them out by going to their Healthy Snacks Page and see what they have to offer. Nuts are high in protein, encourage a healthy digestive system, and can be so many styles! 


  1. Those Bean Stalks are super good!! Nuts are a good snack. My family loves them mixed in a baggie with a little bit of hot sauce.