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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Those places you don't want to be at....

There are places all over the world that are no longer functional or desired. Abandoned and lost in time. Noted for being "haunted", "scary" or just downright creepy. But people flock there in curiosity anyway. There are places that should send shivers down your spine at the very thought of visiting, but people still go for the thrill and excitement that the fear of being there gives them.
Take for instance the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada.

Clowns have an inexplicable phobia surrounding them. Personally, I find them creepy. Non-trustworthy. So why in the world, would I go to a place with a giant clown on the sign and the name being a place for or of them?
And get this, right next to this hotel is a graveyard of miners that died during a plague outbreak.
That's creepy times three, if you ask me. So why do people go there?! You couldn't pay me to go there and I don't believe in ghosts or haunted areas. I read the reviews. Gotta love 'em... 
And those gamers out there... 


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  2. Wow! Creepy clown. Can't even imagine. Did you see the Elysium in New York state? It is empty (all like 8 stories). Looks like a huge castle. There is also one in North Carolina, I think and it looks like a castle also. That one is open up for ghost hunting around this time of year.

    1. I've seen a few castle-like places around the US. I'd love to visit them. If I'm ever able to build my own place, I fully intend to have castle features to it. I think it makes a place unique and cool.

  3. I think it's Kings Park. Look at the pics. Neat place.