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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Walk movie review

Ever had a dream that everyone else believed was just impossible to achieve? They told you to give up and move on to reality? Or maybe they tried to help you accomplish it even though they never really wanted you to even go the distance? Phillipe Petit had the craziest of dreams. And in 1974, he made it come true. 
The Walk is based on the true story of Petit's journey as a tight rope walker. Absolutely amazing story that followed this artistic Frenchman carry through his dream to entertain the masses by walking a rope in places that were more often than not illegal. His greatest feat? Walking the wire between the World Trade Center Towers. It took years of planning. Practicing for hours on end. Drafting in accomplices to help him reach his lifes' goal. And he beat those odds. Those "impossible" odds! 
His story gives you courage to never give up on your dreams. Don't listen to the masses who shoot down your ideals. Believe in yourself. And remember that sometimes, listening does help.
 But only to those you know love you most and will be there with you to the bitter end. 
Joseph Gordon Levitt played a great Petit. 
The actual Phillipe Petit was arrested after his stunt but it was turned around for good. 
This is a movie that kids might not understand, but didn't seem too bad as far as family ratings go. There may have been foul language though quite a bit was in French. 

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