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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Can we stop with the causes?

Yesterday I read an article about a prank that was well played by some users of 4chan. 4chan.org is a website that has a reputation for either being cool and fun for nerds or being awful and full of the bad things the Internet can offer. Plenty of adult references are sprinkled amidst the various threads. Its self description is: "4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. There are boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese animation and culture to videogames, music, and photography. Users do not need to register an account before participating in the community. Feel free to click on a board below that interests you and jump right in!"
I'm a nerd. I surf the web often. I write, read and share on it daily. I use social networking sites for some of the things I participate in. But what I'm finding on the social networks has me worried about the future of this country. The pranks that were played by 4chan, just show that women in the feminist community are gullible and will follow whatever looks good in the name of Female Power. *Imagine me doing a fist-to-the-sky motion* Some of these things include wetting and soiling their own pants and posting proof of such for the world to see. All for the cause of equality to rape victims. 

Now I'm not making light of rape and the victims that suffer from an attack. I know for a fact that its not pleasant. That there is pain and embarrassment. That sometimes the victims are made out to be instigators that brought it on themselves. Rape is a serious issue. No doubt in my mind about it. However.... How is wetting my pants and posting a picture of it on Twitter or Facebook going to help anyone? "Bring awareness" to the issue? Yeah right... I rarely pay attention to Facebook. I post to Twitter, but never check it otherwise. Unless I'm tagged or have some other kind of notification, I could care less what's on there. Sadly, I'm required to have both for blogging and review purposes. But who really pays attention to these networks these days? Busy bodies? People with such a miserable life, that they use it to feel better about themselves? People seeking attention? Its not really used that often for movers and shakers in the world of progress. And even more rarely does it improve the social lives of the people using it. I will tell you how I see this particular activity being detrimental. You know who likes such images? Rapists. Why? Rape isn't the reason they get off. Its the reaction of the victims. The pain, the terror, the defecation of themselves, the invasion of something private. That's what makes them a monster. So posting pictures like these, would be a treasure trove for them. Its like visual reminders of what they enjoy. 

The other thing that makes this stupid? Let's examine what happens when something like this starts... First you have the original post. You might never know where it came from, who posted it, or what their true intent was. That post goes on the news feed of all their friends and followers. They share it. That posted meets new people and like a ripple in the pool, it spreads. Causes are shared often. It doesn't matter how old it is, how often you've seen it, or if its something you feel strongly about. Chances are you will get tagged or someone you are close to will share it with you. I did the Ice Bucket challenge. It was for the ALS awareness and has now been made into an annual thing. Every August you can fill a bucket with ice water, take a video of you pouring it on yourself, post it online, and then tag friends you want to do the same. It puts out awareness and lets people know where to go to donate towards a cure. But you couldn't pay me to pee my pants and post with a hashtag of #PISSFOREQUALITY... Now, if this were a true cause started by someone who really cared, don't you think the hashtag would be family friendly? Its vulgar. And stupid. And if I caught a friend of mine pulling something like this, we would have a talk. If they didn't take it down, I think I'd have to unfriend them... 
The other prank mentioned in this article? Free Bleeding.
What the heck is wrong with you women?! I get some cultures follow a religious background of not using feminine hygiene products. But in the 21st century, people! Its there for a reason. Having blood running down your legs isn't healthy. Its gross. Unsanitary. It has nothing to do with what men think of the Crimson Tide. Sure, they make up names to talk about it since there's a stigma about saying menstrual cycle or period. Aunt Flo, Cousin Red, get your redwings, red tide, that time of the month... I use some of these terms myself. Who cares what you call it? You know what you're talking about. 
So at the end of my rant, whether you care or not, I just think women, or people in general, should think twice before jumping on the bandwagon. You want to let the world know what you believe? Do something special or unique to yourself! Forget the norms. Forget the hype. Come up with your own idea. And if you absolutely must follow something radical... at least find out where it was generated so that you don't look like a fool. 


  1. These women are stupid and I have to say YOUNG and DUMB!! I wish women would have a real life and stop waisting so much time on social media. It turns them into unfit parents who ignore their children when they have them. Oh, and whiners. They are lazy and when they have to actually do something they whine about it. You would never see this from folks who grew up 30+ years back. It's a crazy world we live in. Stick our heads into our electronics and pretend everything is fne...until it'snot. Then whine and complain.

    1. This is where parents need to take more effort in raising their children to be honorable, thinking, caring people. To have strong foundations and know what the right thing to do is.