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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back to School clearance

The back to school rush has come to an end. If you haven't gotten everything you needed, you can still get the normal things but the pencil bags and boxes, and the things that were ordered in excess are now going on clearance. Backpacks, lunch boxes and specialty supplies will be included. As Halloween takes over, it will soon be followed by Christmas decorations.
I picked up 6 personal packs of tissues for .33 each or $1.98 for all. A pack of Disney Frozen pencils were only .70 (30% off). And the metal pencil boxes were half off so I picked up a Disney Cinderella one for only $1.48. Better act fast though. Whatever is left of the clearance in some stores won't make it more than 50% off. Salvage will begin when they start resetting or when product drops to a certain amount of space. My store has tons of notebooks and paper left. But things like folders, lunch boxes, writing utensils and tissues are in limited quantities. 

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  1. Our Target don't have those good deals yet. Bummer.