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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Swingline Electric Stapler review

I'm a little surprised by this product. I don't recall being asked to do a review for it. But it arrived in the mail and a review it shall receive.
This is the Swingline Speed Pro 25 electric stapler. Its supposed to be jam free guaranteed and three times faster than your standard stapler (I'm guessing). It takes standard staples though. I like the fact it has suction cups on the bottom to hold it steady on your desk as you use it.
There is a button on the back that ejects the staple tray so you can reload. 
The first time it stapled something, it scared me.
Its loud and delivers high powered action much like a staple gun. There are pros and cons to having something like this. 

Yay! Its safer than a manual one as kids (or absentminded adults) can't get their fingers caught and stapled. 
Grr... Its bigger than a manual stapler though and takes up a little more room on your desk. Not much, but enough to be noticed. Its also heavier which can make it cumbersome.
Yay! Its able to stick to your desk so there is no struggle to hold it in place while getting those papers stapled. 
Grr... If you have to move it, you have to un-stick it first. 

There is a light on the back button that will alert you when it needs more staples added. Or when the loader is open. 
While it is supposed to be jam free, there is the possibility of a staple getting bent and thus blocking the exit for the following staples. To me, this sounds like a jam... but I'm just reading the manual. 
I'd love to tell you where to get these, but like I said... Don't remember being asked to review it to begin with. So until I find some more info, I can only say that its a toss up as to whether I like this or a manual one better. They both have perks and uses unique to themselves. 


  1. That is cool. Does it staple 10 sheets at a time?

    1. Its supposed to be able to handle up to 25 pages at a time.

  2. I used it very often at work and loved it! Got my work done faster! Loved it.

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