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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Savings all around!

You can make it rain money and I'll stretch that bill to last a long time with my savings skills! Sadly, I work in retail and my money has to last or I have to go without. With 2 boys starting school in a couple weeks, plenty of bills, and the occasional desire to have something extra... I have to get creative and watch for sales. That's what I've been doing this past week to get what I need. 
Like this haul. Between Cartwheel, price cuts, coupons and a gift card promotion I got about $150 worth of stuff and only paid $90. Plus I had a $5 gift card to use next time. 
I got this for a review I did.
Plus add 20% off in Cartwheel. 
Wet Ones are on sale, plus Smart Source coupons and Cartwheel! Let's triple dip people.  
Chips Ahoy have 15% the Family size packs. 
Newtons Fig Cookies are 20% off. 
Back to school means cartwheel deals like these. That Smart Source had coupons to match. 
And then Pop Secret popcorn! 30% off. 
I also had some frozen and cold foods not pictured that had 10-40% offers I used. 

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