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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Living with idiots...

It can be draining sometimes. Living with people who would rather blow through money than manage their time well enough to actually take care of and maintain what they have. Case in point... my roommate and our vacuum. Its true that vacuums are not made as they once were and that you do have to treat them like fragile machines or replace them more often. However, if you use them properly and occasionally take the time to clean out their insides, you can prolong the inevitable. That's what I did today.
And oh what a wonderful difference my cleaning was.... 


  1. You learned to fix things instead of tossing from your cheap parents. And by the way, ever since there were rugs and brooms that is how they were cleaned. By sweeping. Funny how lazy we have become.

    1. Lazy and stupid. I'm amazed at how people are so eager to spend their hard earned cash instead of learning to fix things. I even repair my clothes.