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Monday, August 31, 2015

It's the Changing of Seasons!

Targets are in full swing swapping seasons. Summer is over for the retail world. So now is the time to buy your gardening tools, plant foods, weed killer and grills for next year.
It's all going half off or more depending on your store.
In its place, Halloween aisles are being built.
The Back to School aisles are going to be disappearing as the grand release of Star Wars merchandise is set up for September 4th.
Check with you store as some will have a grand event at midnight. Fat tire bikes, costumes, toys and I even came across an R2-D2 serving bowl....
Even the soups have a Cartwheel offer! 
They will have their own showcase going on. The photo op section has caught my attention as well. 
And watch your high value Cartwheel  offers. I had to get sausage for dinner tonight and came across this beauty. 
These are normally $3.49 each. 
Lastly, check your emails. Lots of people are receiving their new Target redcards. They have a security chip to help you defend from card theft.
My bank is also switching to this method. If you haven't gotten yours yet, you should be soon. 


  1. Your store always has better deals than ours here. But it says "Go and look!". Never know.