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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting into the school swing

Its definitely not easy. I'm on day two and the best thing I have going is getting their lunches packed neatly and fully.
I check their backpack and ask questions about how their day went. They are liking it, but it seems we need to work on our routines. They begged to have school breakfast this morning, but after dropping them off they didn't eat. Either the adults didn't understand or my boys were too shy to ask for what they needed help with. So tomorrow I will walk them into school and show them how to get food in the morning. Then there is the problem of them coming home and wanting to go straight to bed. Not that I can blame them, but when they do that they don't want to sleep on time at night. 

I'm glad they enjoy going to class. We even ran into one of my sons classmates at HEB today. She recognized him and tried to call out to him but he was grouchy because I wouldn't let him sit or sleep. Its going to take dedication. I'm going to have to be creative too. We have to get a schedule and activities figured out to make this work. 
But over all I'm making the transition from days like this... 
To days of this... 
And learning how to save money on lunch box foods. I found out that a box like this... 
Is about even in price with 7 boxes of this... 
And I can pack them in reusable sacks like SnackTaxi bags. 
While that's going on, I'm also going job searching and will soon be back at work. It's a trial, but we will make this school year awesome! 


  1. Life is a trial but all hard work pays off in the end.

    1. It makes us stronger and who we are.