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Friday, July 3, 2015

Target clearance mania

It's that time of year when Target stores will begin clearance large amounts of merchandise in pretty much every department. Summer stuff is nearly gone.
The toys and towels for summer will start declining in price gradually. Toys are gradually also being marked down and will hit the climax around the last week of July when they go to 70% off.
New toys are scheduled to be set in August. 4th of July holiday items are already hitting the clearance. Chances are they might not be stickered, but if you scan them it should reflect a lower price. Clothing for instance. Infant furniture has been pulled in bulk at my store. Wallets, purses, shoes, and even some socks are also being ticketed for markdowns today. 
Our store is undergoing a remodel which means you are going to see big changes and possibly be confused. Join the club. We have to learn the new layout as well. 
I took a walk around toys and founds these cool things. All of these are currently 30% off. Lego sets,
Disney Cars sets,
And Disney Planes set 
some dolls.
Should be a week or two for them to add more to the markdowns as well as drop prices to 50%. One Hobbit set I went ahead and bought as there were only 3 of them left. 
I bought these storage bins for my daughters room.
They reminded me of Disney Frozen which is her favorite. These were $2.98 each. 
So keep looking and remember that birthdays as well as Christmas are always right around the corner.