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Friday, July 10, 2015

Never believe the fine print without testing it

Cartwheel is an amazing way to save money at Target. I usually catch sales, use coupons and then tack on my employee discount to get stuff cheaper than anywhere else. Double or triple dip and watch that price tag drop like an anchor! Sometimes though, Cartwheel has restrictions. And then, some of those restrictions aren't correct. "Excludes clearance." Or "excludes such and such". Take for instance the Cartwheel offer for clearance toys. You get an additional 20% off up to 20 items per guest on clearance toys. It's supposed to exclude Lego (among other things).
But when you go to purchase, you'll find it works on the Lego sets as well.
It also takes 20% off non clearance toys.
I bought my daughter the new Elsa Frozen Fever doll and it worked! 
So be sure and try it out! Nows the time to be stocking up on gifts for birthdays and Christmas. 


  1. I told you it worked well with the Lego sets last night! You didn't believe me at all lol! Are you glad that I told you? And thank you for grabbing it for Edward!

    1. Thanks for telling me! I'll try to get it mailed out next week.

    2. Don't rush still have a penalty of time I will need in time for Edwards birthday in September. Thanks again!