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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Toys R Us FREE Lego event!

July 20th is going to be such a great day! I'm taking the kids to the nearby Toys R Us for the FREE Lego building event. Its all about Jurassic World and they get to take it home. According to the information found here, this Saturday 12-2 PM at ANY Toys R Us store Lego is teaming up to allow kids to make and take a Jurassic World gate. 

On a side note... If you haven't seen the movie, you should.
I went for nostalgia sake and because others with the same idea were going. I wasn't disappointed. This time around, it wasn't just another stupid dinosaur movie. The plot took on a new perspective finally. Yes, there was bloodshed. Yes, there were those moments of "What are they thinking?!" But it was fun. All about how the creators are playing God and trying to make new and exciting or even scary dinosaurs to fill their pockets better with more wow factor for the new Jurassic World park that draws in 20,000 visitors daily.
But as with every movie that has someone tampering with genetics, things go wrong. Very wrong. Greed and pride often cut into the dance and this movie was no different. The humor though lightens even the dark moments. I have a feeling there might be something following.... So that's my take. Don't want to spoil it for you. But I do suggest you leave the weak stomach and easily frightened ones at home. Little ones might have nightmares. And remember kids, don't try to tame the raptors at home....


  1. DAniel, Ethan, Jonathan, and your dad are going to see it. It's for Daniel's birthday party.