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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer reading programs

I'm so glad I read the Krazy Coupon Lady's blog from time to time. Otherwise I would've missed some great reading incentives for my kids. I've been trying to encourage their learning from the day they were born. And reading has been a huge part of that. I know I've gotten lazy lately, but I'm really trying to keep the reading list going. And there are a couple ways to boost my ambition on that. 
We have just completed the 8 book list for Barnes and Noble.
You and your children simply print out the list, read 8 books, write who you would recommend them for, and take it to Barnes and Noble for a free book from their list! 

The other one that caught my eye, was for the Half Price Books reading program.
I love Half Price Books. And I look forward to reading to my kids for it. High School aged kids can write reviews of books they read to get Bookworm Bucks to buy books. The younger ages get to log 300+ minutes of reading for the months of June and July to get Bookworm Bucks. 15 minutes everyday adds up quick. And it builds your child's desire to learn as well as their imagination. Let's get reading! 


  1. The local libraries often have reading programs with free rewards of some kind as well. Gotta love the programs that help out our children to be better!

    1. Exactly! And yes, the local libraries offer a lot.

  2. I just got an email from our library and they have a teen reward program as well as an adult. $100 gift card for adults although it is a drawing.