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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So much catching up to do...

This month has been a very busy one. I don't know where to start some days. I had a wonderful visit from friends that drove in from Florida.
Today I'll do my best to catch up and you will see several posts coming from that. So get ready! 

First I wanted to share something that I consider important but also cool. Donating blood has a special place in my life. Nexcare offers limited edition bandages once every so often for those who pledge to donate. They are usually some really cool designs too. Better hurry before they are out! They take 8-10 weeks to deliver, but I think its worth the wait. 
Here is the link.

I was browsing posts by the Krazy Coupon Lady when I came across this one. You know how you get when you say, "I'm only going to get one thing..." Then you walk into the store and.... an hour later your cart is FULL?!? Well, here's how that happens! What sort of things are you "poison" when you go shopping? 

I love to cook and bake. And finding tips on how to do so easier is always a pleasure. I found these great tips and just wanted to share! Enjoy. 

Subscription boxes are getting more and more popular. So many types out there to choose from! Men, women and children alike can have a box filled with goodies to try out and if its liked, buy more from the website. Or crafting boxes for kids... You get the point. Well, I found one that lets you customize some of the things you can get for $12/month and that includes shipping. Starlooks sends you cosmetics. This information was provided in the email they sent out. 
- IT'S HERE! -
Starlooks is proud to announce the launch of our new Customizable Starbox!

For just $12 a month (shipping included !!)you choose three (out of five) Starlooks Cosmetics and three (out of 6-9) Fashion & Lifestyle Brand Gift Cards - yes, cash! -  toward purchases of exciting new clothing, accessories, skincare, home decor, and more!

Current Subscriber? Click the button below to either login and make the switch from the current Starbox to the new, Customizable Starbox - OR keep your current sub and subscribe to both!

New Subscribers? Click the button below to start your subscription now!

***When you first activate your new Customizable Starbox sub, you will have from that day until June 10th to make your picks! Be sure to either do so immediately upon subscribing, or come back and do it as soon as you can.Why? Because pick items are limited! Once a particular item is all "picked out", it won't be back again!

So that's all for deals and information. I have at least 4 reviews to work on, so be on the lookout. Summer will be coming to an end. Cram in the fun while you can and make memories to last a lifetime!! 
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." 


  1. Had a great night with all of you and thanks for taking me and Emma to the movies! Hope to see you again before too long! So glad we became friends fast and close friends! Yall should move back!

  2. I am glad Aleeanne came to see you. She looks good. I want to see about the sub box you talked about. You should look at the Beauty box from Walmart. It is $5 every 3 months.

    1. I'm glad she came too. I was thinking about get the one from Walmart. It looks like a great one.