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Friday, June 19, 2015

Mediterranean Snacks have a new product review

I love being a brand ambassador for Mediterranean Snacks. They always send such yummy treats to try out. The latest big box they sent out was filled with what they call Bean Stalks.
These are straw-like chips made from beans! Extra crunchy with that salty flavor that is still better than your leading brand chips. Plus the beans give these snacks added fiber value which is better for your digestion. You won't have colorful fingertips for your kids to decorate the furniture or their clothing with either. They use cannellini, green and pinto beans to make these. There are three flavors; BBQ,
and sea salt.
My kids definitely devoured the BBQ and cheddar ones first. I love the crunchy and flavorful addition they bring to our snacking habits. They have 50% less fat than regular chips. This is how its put when you pose the question, Why beans? 

"Beans have been a staple in the Mediterranean region for centuries, packed with protein and nutrients our bodies crave.
This modern day superfood, allows us to create better-for-you snacks with simple, ancient ingredients."
As a bonus, they sent me this nifty little notepad with pen.
Its perfectly pocket-sized and good for someone constantly writing while on the go! 
I sent some out to friends and family. One bag accompanied my friend and her family on the road from Texas to Florida. They sent me this picture when they stopped to snack. 
So check them out!


  1. I love the vegie straw snacks. They are so tasty! Were do they sell them? How much are they per bag?

    1. There is a store locator on the website here: http://www.mediterraneansnackfoods.com/store-locator/. This also tells you what products that store sells. Price is according to the stores that sell them. Florida carries them in Publix and health foods stores.