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Monday, June 1, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road movie review

I went with some friends to the Alamo Draft house to watch the remake or whatever it is to the Mad Max movies, Mad Max Fury Road. I wasn't entirely impressed. Granted, I've never seen the original and maybe that's a requirement to truly appreciating this one. I can tell you there are times when you have to shut your mind down to watch it without a "what the heck were they thinking when they did that?!". Like having a guitarist playing music during the war party pursuit.
WHY?!? What is the point? Funny, yes. But WHY? And when water is such a commodity (for everyone except us here in Texas), why would the waste it by constantly letting it drip to the ground in the waterfall or by the hoses?? Conservation people... Its important in the wasteland. Max is crazy.
No doubt as to why they call him Mad Max. But I think maybe I need to understand his character a little better. He's plagued by the people he was unable to protect or save. Memories of those lost to him haunt him daily. He wants to distance himself from everyone else, but he feels driven to help from deep within. Its a natural human feeling that you just can't fight. He gets captured by War Boys and taken back to their citadel and used as a human blood bag for someone nearing death from all the sickness or inbreeding and lack of proper care. as events unfold, he gets caught up with Furioso, the War Rig driver who has decided she's done taking orders and ready for change.
She takes the wives and breeders of the big boss
and makes a run for it.
The plan was to take them to the land of many mothers, but it doesn't really pan out as they hoped.

I won't spoil the movie any more than that. I will say its not a movie meant for children under 10 (at least) and that you have to leave reason at the door. Too many times I found myself asking why and realizing, its all cinema-driven hype. Just a movie. For entertainment purposes. Right...


  1. It is so nice to know someone asks why these days. Means "common sense" still exists (even if it is scares).

    1. I think movie makers are so into wow factors, they get stupid.

  2. I saw the original Mad Max's back in the 80's? Cool idea then. Now...well over done is the new thing. Movies are getting overly stupid, boring, and lame. Bekah is right, they need new material.