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Friday, June 19, 2015

Inside Out movie review

I was a bit skeptical of this movie when I first heard about it. Its about an 11 year old girl named Riley and how her feelings or Emotions are on the inside. Suppose each emotion was a being. What might that be like? This movie explores that question. It was adorable, humorous, exciting and even sad. Riley has everything. She has two loving parents, a great home with a big yard, childhood friends, is on a hockey team and couldn't be happier. Then her father is given a new job opportunity. They must leave Minnesota to go all the way to sunny California. Her Emotions keep her having relatively good days. She has Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. Joy was the first one in Riley's mind. She's been watching over Riley from the second she was born. Sadness came next with Riley's first cry. As Riley grew, her Emotions team expanded. Fear keeps her safe. Anger is how she learns boundaries by keeping things fair. Especially with her parents. Disgust is how she learns what is good and what is not so that she doesn't end up poisoned. Like broccoli. Disgust said that was no bueno. Definitely dangerous. 

This move is an upheaval for everyone. The Emotions team doesn't always agree on how things should go. Sadness... no one knows what she is for. What her job is doesn't seem clear. I mean, why would you want anyone to be sad? Especially a pre-pubescent girl. Yet, she's drawn to touch and mingle the feelings of certain Joy moments and causes trouble. Joy and Sadness are suddenly taken from the Headquarters of Riley's mind and thrust out into the long term memory bank where all her memories are stored. They begin trying to get back to HQ to fix everything. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is struggling to make things stay right until Joy returns. But they aren't Joy and things just go wrong for Riley. She can't function at school. She can't play hockey. Her parents rely on her to stay happy as they also struggle to make the transition. She's feeling so alone, scared and unable to cope without Joy to remind her about the good things she still has. Joy and Sadness are learning more about each other and what roles they have as teammates instead of as individuals. And as a team, they will be responsible for getting Riley back on track when she decides to run away and shut off all her Emotions. 
Definitely loved this one. I took my middle son who got bored and wanted food the whole time. My friend brought her daughter and they enjoyed it. Just hope that you don't have the same issue we had where the movie wasn't focused for the 3D showing and we ended up watching the short movie Lava twice. Don't get me wrong, its a cute Hawaiian themed short about two volcanoes in love. Or in "lava". But still... only so much ukulele you can handle in one sitting.  Definitely enjoy the very very end! You get to see what happens in other characters minds. LOVED that part!!! 


  1. Thanks for the movies tickets! Emma said she loved it and wants a dvd

    1. I need to watch it again because they didn't have CC but it looked adorable.

    2. Yeah it was a great movie! I hope you can see it soon with CC.

  2. Pixar's golden age was practically all their movies from Toy Story to Toy Story 3. With the exception of Cars (which got Mildly positive reviews) all Pixar movies gained critical acclaim, with two films even getting nominated for best picture (UP and Toy Story 3) But after Toy Story 3, there was Cars 2. The movie that broke the chain of good movies. After that there was Brave, a dissapointment, and Monsters University another pretty bad movie. Pixar seemed to have lost its charm. Until this movie. Inside Out has all the amazing things of a Pixar movie plus more. All Pixar movies are visually stunning (even Cars 2), but this movie takes it up a notch. Never have I seen a movie create a completely new world so perfectly. Not only were the enviroments amazing, but the characters were great. The last time I felt this way about characters I had just met was Up. Of course in UP I cried in the first 8 minutes (which I usually dont do in movies so thats saying something) and in this movie I cried towards the end. If this doest get nominated for best picture there will be issues. My rating would be a 98/100 (9.8/10), but Im going to round it up to a 10. Pixar, youve done it again

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