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Friday, June 5, 2015

Boredom sends me searching....

It's not even 8 PM and I'm ready for bed. But its my turn to watch the kids while their dad is out for the night. So to keep myself occupied, I decided to catch up on little projects that have been tossed to the side in the hectic schedule I keep. One of those projects was to research things that caught my attention but had to be put on hold in the moment. Fashion in particular. I'm not into most fads. I'm not fashionable or up to par with whats hot in today's age. Do I try to dress nice? Of course. But I do so in my own way. 
I heard about a couple things though that I find incredibly hard to believe that anyone would ever buy. Yet could possibly be lucrative to their creators. The first is Fruit Scented Jeans. How would you like pink jeans that smelled like strawberries? For up to 20 washes! I get that women in particular like smelling good, but seriously? Isn't that what perfume is for? 
ABC posted an article and shared the company's website
I scratch my head at this one. Would you want to wear jeans that smelled like lemons? Would you pay that much for them? And how could you prolong the scent?

Then there is the Personal Space Dress... I'm from the South. I like my three feet space that surrounds me like a bubble. I don't like you people from up north who like to stand so close that I can smell your breath or that you are practically rubbing shoulders with me. I NEED my SPACE. But at the same time, I don't think I want to go to the extremes of getting the Personal Space Dress to keep people away. Its a dress that was designed to detect the presence of someone nearby and self inflate like an unfolding umbrella to form a protective circle around you that keeps everyone about arms length back. There are even websites that walk you through making one for yourself. 

How about a robotic spider dress? You can look like a character from a sci-fi movie. Sensors on the torso of the dress detect someone or something getting close and spiny leg-like appendages reach out. 
And they come in black or white. 

What happened to dressing classy?
To having true style. To being able to have the right attitude and portray a strong personality. 
When did we switch to the outlandish? 


  1. Let e tell you about fruit smelling stuff...well Bees love them. So if your gonna wear them, do it with a good pair of running shoes on. And for the spider dress...LOVE IT!!!!! I mean this is a first date dress. Especially if you meet him online. I mean "Seareal Killer" killer dress!!!! Yeah!! My 2 cents worth. Don't spen it all at once.