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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Traveling with children

All children are special. They say the darnedest things. Or see things in a way you don't. My kids do it all the time. I either scratch my head and wonder how that came to light with them or laugh until I could wet myself. On our trip, my oldest definitely had me laughing. 
I hear the seatbelt click as its being taken off. 
Me: Put that seatbelt back on!
Stephen: But mom, I need to fart. 
Me: .... So?! Put it back on. Then fart. 
Stephen: I can't fart if I'm sitting down. 
Me: *facepalm* What...? You have to wear a seatbelt so long as we are driving, son. So find another way to fart or wait until we stop again. 

We drive on and I fall asleep in the front. When we stop for gas, I change into shorts and brush my teeth. My oldest starts waking up and hands me a bottle with yellow liquid inside.
I've made enough long distance trips to know what's in the bottle. 
Stephen: *smiles* Guess what's in the bottle, mom! 
Me: I don't have to guess. I already know. Why did you pee in the bottle instead of asking us to stop? 
Stephen: Because you were taking too long to stop and I couldn't hold it. So I just had to pee in the bottle. 
I'm just going to be proud of him for not wetting himself. 

Later we get out of the car to grab a bite to eat. Immediately after jumping out the side, my middle child whips it out and starts peeing in the lot. I turn around and ask why?! "I had to pee. Oh and I peed while I was sleeping so my clothes are wet." 
In my head I'm thinking, there's a place with lovely restrooms just a few steps away. Nope, just couldn't wait. Had to show off those family jewels to the traffic-filled road and restaurant full of people. Way to go, son. 


  1. Ah memories! I remember family trips. They are like that. You were born into it. ENjoy!!!

  2. If I may add to your experiences and making memories with our children. When my youngest son was 3, we took a weekend trip to the coast. While on the ferry, we were enjoying the view of the bay and feeding seagulls off the balcony... Suddenly hearing a commotion below, we looked down and to our embarrassment our 3 year old was relieving himself thru the railing on the people below. While I was gasping for words as not startled my son a lady yelled... Well I guess when u gotta go, u gotta go! You can't help but laugh... I wouldn't trade any of the memories of my children for anything.

    1. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that!!! Those are precious memories that are worth every second!