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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Traveling tips

The next couple months are going to include some interesting trips.
This month, I will be taking my family to Florida to visit my parents and siblings. Packing is always a trial during our trips. If you don't pack enough, you have to buy replacements. If you pack too much, you waste space in your limited-space vehicle. It can be very tricky to find a balance between the two extremes. I'll be packing for 3 kids and myself (the husband will pack for himself). We should be gone a whole week. I came across a great article from my email feed that the Krazy Coupon Lady had. It was all about packing light. Granted, she was talking about flying, but the rules can apply to road trips or even packing for over night trips. 
Ditching toiletries is hard for me to do, but I know its the smart thing to do. If you are staying at a hotel, chances are they will have travel sized shampoo and conditioner. They usually also have soaps available. So grab the deodorant and tweezers, ladies but don't worry about the hair or body care products. I don't typically use liquid cleansers to remove my makeup. I use the diaper wipes as she mentioned. Target and possibly Walmart too has these great travel sized packs that are smaller and fit well in an overnight bag. Plus they are cheap (about a $1) to pick up. Use body lotion as your hand cream so you don't have to carry two kinds. 
Then comes outfits. I typically use 2-3 bottoms depending on how long the trip is with 5 tops. Switch the bottoms out every other day unless they get seriously dirty. The kids I have no choice but to pack a couple extra outfits each unless I'm going to be at my parents. Thankfully, I will be and will have access to the washing machine should I need it. With kids though, you have to be prepared for those "accidents". With my clothing, I do as she suggested - make sure the colors are easy to swap out and mix up with each other. Most of clothes are tees and jeans. Dresses are something I love wearing and they make an outfit in just one piece. So packing them takes less space. 
I'm testing out the packing techniques she mentioned.
But I'm adding my own twist by rolling the top with the bottoms for the kids clothes to keep outfits together. 
Rolling clothes instead of stacking them in folded.
I know this works well for filling in corners, but I'm hoping it will do nicely to fit everything in with more room. 

On top of this, I found a few deals on treats that I will be bringing along. Between Target sales and Cartwheel offers, I got chips and chocolate. How can I go wrong?! 
These Skinny Cow candies are $3.64. Cartwheel had 50% off the cookies and creme version only.
I added a coupon for $1/1 and paid .82 (- an extra 15% discount). 
Chips are easy for the kids to enjoy on the go. So I picked up the Buy 1 Cheez-it Crunch'd and get a free Pringles (up to $1). I added two discounts from Cartwheel for both products 
So here's how it looked: 
Cheez-it Crunch'd      $2.25 (-10% offer)
Pringles                      $1.36 (-10% offer)
Take $1 off for the coupon. In the end you basically pay $1.30 each. 

These were on sale $4 a bag or 2/$8. I had a $1/1 coupon. Plus there was a 5% off in Cartwheel.
I paid about $2.80. Love Lindor Truffles! And I've been wanting to try the Dark Orange flavor. 
So lets get ready for fun travels this summer. And lets do so with smart packing that leaves extra space or more money in your pockets. 


  1. Great travel tips. After all it is that time of the year.