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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron movie review

So I finally got around to seeing the new Avengers movie. I was not disappointed in the least. And the fact I watched it at IMAX in 3D just made it all the more amazing. 
The Avengers have finally become a real team. They fight together to keep the world safe.
Stark, of course, funds everything. Bruce Banner has developed a method to be calmed after transforming into the Hulk, called the lullaby. Natasha has developed feelings for one of her team mates, but being the guy he is he just doesn't get her flirtations. Hawkeye has an incredible secret that he entrusts his team with knowing when they begin to fall apart after the Crimson Witch messes with their heads. 
So many mini plots. So much humor and added character dynamics. I loved every minute of it! The cinematography was fantastic. Old characters returned while new characters were introduced. 
The love story between the Hulk and his lady may seem odd, but they somehow complete each other. Both are deadly in their own ways but together they both find calm. 
Thor and Stark have a testosterone-filled moment of comparing who's girl is better. Always nice when your man wants the world to know that he has found the amazing woman, right? 
Then there's the villains. You start with a group of Hydra followers who have found twins with amazing abilities. The girl's powers are mentally centered. She can manipulate other people's minds by showing them possible future visions. Telekinesis also flows through her fingers. Elizabeth Olsen plays this part. I admit she's not a favorite actress, but she did pretty well. Her characters brother has super speed. These two escape when the Avengers come in to capture and dismantle the Hydra hideout. They capture Loki's scepter which sparks something in Stark. He becomes obsessed with using the technology to complete a project called Ultron. It's geared towards creating protective weaponry to fight alien invasions. He gets Banner involved and before you know it, things go horribly wrong. Ultron becomes self aware and decides he knows best how to change the world for the better. After recruiting the twins, they set out on their rampage towards total world destruction.
The twins, however, turn on him and join the Avengers. As does the creation that Ultron planned on transferring his consciousness to.
The team has made it to ultimate awesomeness now. 
Truly give this one my thumbs up. There is crude humor, plenty of violence towards robots, and there may have been some language. I suggest ages 8 and up or those mature enough to handle it. 

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