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Sunday, May 3, 2015

I'm blaming the hormones

All you ladies out there will be sure to understand when I say that it truly sucks when a certain change takes over once a month and you go from sweet to hold-this-halo-until-the-horns-go-away. For me, I just have no patience for stupidity. Normally I just look at you with the "Bless your heart, you can't help it" pity look and go about my day. I mean really, some people are so stupid, you just know there is no hope for them but you can't hold it against them. When the crimson tide starts flowing though... The world just isn't ready to meet me on my level. Hormones take a drastic change. I feel ugly, tired, gross, tired, moody, tired, irritated, drained, and even depressed at times. Oh and did I mention tired?! It's like the energy is suddenly drained from me. I have no drive and that starter of mine has locked up. This only adds to my inability to tolerate the weak and pathetic minds or mouths that try to waste what sanity I do have. Part of me wants to tell them to take a ride on the short bus. The rational part of me, fights to continue my "Of course I care" look while I'm screaming inside "Shut up! I don't care." 
Having kids has helped. I can drive without going over curbs. My headaches are limited to the first couple days usually. I'm not going into anemia or shock after day three. And the pain only lasts the first day or two. Definitely better than pre-kids. I can focus! Which helps me when I'm in need of my nice attitude. 
So what else when I'm bleeding a river? I suddenly crave chocolate. I'm a chocolate lover by nature anyhow, but this is a strong impulse to hunt chocolate down and devour until the end finally comes around. Death by chocolate is mildly describing my desire for it. And what do I find when I go looking around Cartwheels new offers? 
20% off Godiva! Seriously?! Add my 15% from employee discount and Redcard and suddenly I want to spend my hard earned money on expensive candy. Whereas I can normally be satisfied with a Hershey bar. Then you have the Little Debbie offers. I still have a manufacturers  coupon that I printed way back when. 
There are multiple kinds you can get. 
I don't eat breakfast much anymore. Sleeping an extra 15 minutes tends to win over food. So I instead opt for drinking a shake. I find that the Special K ones are my favorites. Especially when I use my rewards to points to get $1/1 coupons. And then add a new offer of 25% off! Score!!
And yes, I'll be getting the chocolate ones... 

So here's to my fellow sufferers. Let's divulge in a chocolate splurge. After all, it's what we are accused of anyhow. 
Show everyone how to "have a happy period"! 

Oh and one other offer I found, 
50% off the Just Dance 2015. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I already have this one... 

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  1. Glad I cheered you up today! I had fun conversation with you today! 😊