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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Candle review and giveaway!

Birthdays are supposed to be magical. Growing up, my mother tried to make every birthday I had, a special event that I would remember. These days, there are so many ways to build up those happy memories. I've been to parties with bounce houses, photo booths, dance party themes... There are so many ideas and things out there to make someone's birthday truly special. But the best part of any birthday party? The time for cake! Who cares what Johnny got, Mom! I'm ready for cake. And that wonderfully fun moment of having everyone sing to only you! 
Well, suppose you could make that song even more special? I came across something the other while surfing an app I have. It showed the Happy Birthday Candle. A very unique candle that plays the Happy Birthday song while spinning. Its rather awesome. You light the top candle, it spins and plays, and then the flower bursts open revealing more candles lit up by the main one. 
They come in three colors; Blue 
and Yellow 
I took a blue one on my trip to my parents house this past week. My younger brother had his birthday while we were visiting. I thought it would be cool to try out while there. I have to admit, even after the singing ended and he blew out the candles we were still laughing and enjoying the candle. When you light the candle, it shoots up like a sparkler, dazzling and beautiful. The music plays and you can join in with song. As it spins, the flower opens up and reveals all the other candles, neatly lit. I absolutely loved it! 
Check out their website and like their Facebook page! That way you can enter the giveaway to win your own pack of Happy Birthday Candles. Since the owner asked there be only one way to enter (liking his Facebook page), I made it count as a 5 point entry to boost your chances. Feel free to share the contest with your friends and check out my Facebook page as well. I'm always eager to hear what you think or what you want to see on here, so comment or message me! https://www.facebook.com/ReviewsByATexasNerd
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  1. That was a fun candle which added to the memories of that birthday for Daniel. These are a definite MUST!!!

  2. Did you get a winner? I love those things.