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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Let's get better with our Math!

Being a part of the US Family Guide, I have been given the opportunity to try out 

A+ Interactive Math

Being a homeschooling mom means I am always on the lookout for ways to boost my kids learning. Its also going to be great for when they go to school this year and need a little extra help. Math is not my strongest suit and its something I will have a struggle with when my kids need help on it. 
Here is more information on this promotion that I'm able to share:

"Identify and Close" learning gaps in math - Everything Included!

You will get EVEYTHING with this 3-month comprehensive program!
*Multi-grade level testing
*"Individualized" lesson plan to target the problem areas
*Engaging lessons to learn math concepts (video, audio and text)
*Interactive review with automatic re-teaching
*Practice problems to apply math concepts
*Step-by-step solutions to reinforce math concepts
*Automatic grading and tracking

Complete line of Homeschool Math Curriculum products available! Family Math Packages allow maximum flexibility with HUGE discount for multiple students.
20% off on ALL Family Math Packages - Comprehensive Math Curriculum with Maximum Flexibility!

Coupon code link here.

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