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Sunday, March 1, 2015

What a day!

So another weekend is coming to a close. I was off and tried to get as much as possible done. All week, my to-do list grows and the first chance I get, I chip away at it. We got our movie collection sorted. It really amazes me how many movies we have as a couple that neither of us have seen or even remember why we bought it. Since we are not only moving in the next month or so, but I will be making an even longer distance move with the kids in the next year, we took the time to separate the movies into 4 groups; his, mine, kids, toss. It took at least an hour. Thankfully, the boys were at my in laws for the night and my daughter was happily playing. It emptied an entire storage bin! I swept the apartment throughout. 
The student driver got more practice time behind the wheel. 

I got a wonderful care package from my mother! My daughter tried on some of the clothes... 

Then, this morning (Sunday), we find that our refrigerator and freezer are both not working. Nothing like scrambling to buy ice, ice chests, and toss everything that has gone bad.
We ended up buying a deep freezer as well. On the positive side? I scrubbed it out and will be starting from scratch on replenishing my food supplies. The down side? I was planning to bring lunch for my team to work tomorrow.... I still plan to be creative and use what I managed to save for both dinner and lunch tomorrow. But tomorrow night, I'm going to have to go food shopping. Again. 


  1. Rebekah always reminds me that the state gave her a temporary license to do what she wants. so the next time Bryan drives in 2 lanes, think about that. And I buy hair dye to cover my greys! You will get them after a student driver. I paid $1.49 for the lights.